Secure your property and defend life with a full fire protection system.

Kov - servicii profesionale de proiectare, consultanta, montare, mentenanta instalatii antiincendiu

Do you know how fast a fire actually spreads in an unprotected area? A fire detection & suppression system reduces material damage and eliminates the risk of human loss. The fire systems designed, installed and maintained by us follow certified safety regulations and are authorized by IGSU. With our expertise and modern equipment, your safety is no longer a question mark - it is a certainty.

KOV — designing intelligent fire systems.

For over 9 years, our company provides fire protection for industrial, commercial, public or private spaces. Our aim is to always deliver and maintain perfectly safe and conformable fire systems:

  • — design
  • — installation
  • — maintenance
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Kov - sisteme complexe de detectie si stingere a incendiilor Kov - instalatii de stingere incendiu cu hidranti Kov - instalatii antiincendiu hale industriale

Portofolio — Over 15 years of experience

Our portfolio gathers over 250 projects, many of these being complex fire detection and extinguishing systems for ample spaces and reputed companies. Take a look at a selection of projects relevant for our activity.

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