We build authorised fire protection & suppression systems - for your own safety.

with more than
  • 13 years of experience
  • 250 finished projects

Fire is a force both destructive and uncontrollable – a simple spark can cause serious damage. Our responsibility is to prevent prejudice provoked by accidental fires. We have the experience, the legal certifications and the professional expertise needed to project and install safe and efficient fire systems, authorized by institutions and by fire equipment producers.

We fully commit to every project because we are motivated to create innovative fire protection systems, which safeguard your goods, your investition and finally, your life – at any given moment.

Our team

The benefits of a fire protection and suppression system are limitless – especially if you choose to work with the experts that carry out the project flawlessly. Our company provides technical consultancy and designs completely functional fire protection systems, whereas the systems are installed by qualified and trained personnel, supervised by an authorized technical engineer. We also cover the maintenance and repairs for the fire systems, allowing them to work within the best parameters.

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