We cover the whole range of services for fire protection systems: design, technical consultancy, installation and maintenance.

Our company offers you complete technical solutions for fire systems in civil, industrial and commercial buildings. We project fire protection systems and offer consultancy according to national normatives, European CE normatives, American NFPA normatives and to the normatives of insurers FM and VDS. Therefore, any technical problem which may show up during the installation and setting of the systems can be immediately and efficiently addressed.

We possess projecting, installation and maintenance authorizations for fire limitation and extinguishing systems from IGSU (the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), as well as certifications and authorizations from fire protection equipment and system producers Viking and FiWaRec/FiWaGuard.

We provide the following services:

  • — PSI consultancy
  • — fire system design
  • — smoke and hot gas evacuation system design
  • — projection according to European EN 12845 standards
  • — projection according to American NFPA standards
  • — projection according to FM insurer normatives
  • — complete special documentation for obtaining PSI / ISU authorizations and notices
Kov proiectare sisteme antiincendiu cladiri civile, industriale, comercial

We can fully install any fire protection system – an operation we handle with the greatest care and precision, in order to guarantee the safety of a building in the case of a fire. Our fire protection appliances are mounted by qualified and trained employees, whereas an authorized engineer supervises the installation, verifying the conformity of the process.

In over 9 years, our team has completed over 250 fire protection systems – our professionalism, experience and eye for detail having contributed to the success of our every project.

We provide the following types of fire systems:

  • — fire protection systems with interior fire hydrants
  • — fire protection systems with exterior fire hydrants
  • — dry fire protection systems
  • — fire protection systems with sprinklers
  • — fire protection systems with drenchers
  • — fire protection systems with sprayed water
  • — fire protection systems with gas
  • — fire protection systems with foam
  • — fire protection systems with powder
  • — aerosol fire protection systems
Kov - mentenanta sisteme antiincendiu cladiri civile, industriale, comerciale

In order to keep the fire systems functional and secure at all times, we provide the necessary maintenance works:

  • — check-ups, inspections
  • — periodical revisions
  • — service and repairs

Our team is prompt in answering requests and finding solutions, reassuring you that the fire protection installations work within the optimal parameters.